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    SO  I have treated myself  to a birthday   and Christmas present all in one-   Well nobody else will–wowee. For my Samsung NX   the 50—200mm   tele. lens  and this is a bit special. Has  funcion on the lens where so many camera functions  can be controlled /selected from the lens. O.I.S.  and of course the 200mm is equivellent to about 300 in 35mm terms. £240 on our friends Amazon   and £199   from PC WORLD-with luck will have my   sticky hands on it tomorrow. Its going to be sunny Saturday so look out for me around town getting some DDDDDELORES   stuff in the bag.  PC WORLD do a great spec. on this should you wish to look it up—-50—200mm tele for Samsung NX.(   envy  is one of the seven deadly sins—so is gluttony for new lenses–bring it on.) 



    SO got my Samsung 50–200mm  tele lens today–it has   E D  glass –extra dispersion –BETTER LIGHT TRANSMISSION. It is white with black trim to match the camera. It has the look and feel of quality  and will soon put to the test  and post something.



    Some sneaky and silent street photography eh Ken?  I am going to have to watch you! 😉  Looking forward to seeing some images with your new lens asap.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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