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    Ian McNab

    That’s it, D!

    And it’s science, so no prayer needed! 😉




    If there is no WWW.   don’t worry it doesn’t matter. Just make sure that the http:// does not appear twice at the beginning and use the direct link tag.  Just tried with an image shack image on the critique page and it was all systems GO!

    I think your work here is done Ian! 🙂 Phew!


    Ian McNab

    Dolores is right.

    • The URL starts with a single http:// (That’s why there’s one in the box by default to save you writing it.)
    • There may not be any www – some file stores are not www sites
    • The URL will often end with .jpg, as it is a link to an image file, usually a JPEG.
    The ‘img’ button makes things much simpler. But you do have to make sure you have the link to the actual image file – a .jpg file usually.

    Ian McNab

    There’s a new ‘visual guide’ to inserting images in forum posts [PDF] in the Downloads/Resources area. (You’ll find it in the ’4 Miscellaneous’ section.) The guide shows screen shots of the simplified steps for inserting images.

    As you know, you can store image files in a private gallery here on the CPS site. Or you can use a storage site like ImageShack or Flickr. At the end of the guide, there’s information about how to get the URL for your image file from each of these different storage locations.



    Well I think that is very clear, I’ll now be able to sort out some photos fingers cross… Thanks


    meg cumming

    Ok I’m going try and do an Icarus, watch me fly and burn!

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