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    Finally got around to sorting out a few images from my trip to Tutbury with Meg and Pete a few weeks ago.

    The Warning.

    Colour version

    May and September.


    meg cumming

    So glad you’ve got round to putting some images on Dolores.Love the biker both in colour and mono. The action between them is spot on and its a good clean image. Love the colour dance and singer shot as well.Again like both versions as well.


    Pete Robinson

    More good photos Dolores. I like the black and white versions best. I starting to appreciate black and white more. I like the interaction between the motocyclist and the lady.

    I like the dancing shot. I just wish the singer was looking at the dancers.



    I think it’s a bloke, Peter. Caption, ” …and you get that b***** haircut before I get back”

    Nice to see plenty of postings folks, keep it up! Good to see what you are all up to. I can imagine some good ones of Crewe Park!



    Thats right John—” and keep out of my bxxxxx   tent”



    Thanks for the comments folks.  I agree about the dancers image Pete. I may have another shot with the singer looking into the picture.  Barely looked at them yet. Love the caption for the biker shot.  He was certainly a character.  I see a bit of cleaning up to do and the vignette needs adjustment but I agree with Pete and think I prefer the Mono versions … although the leather jacket is great in col on the biker one.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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