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    Hi, wondered if any of you had come across,  it is a photo sharing site similar to Flickr but with the added dimension of competitions and challenges. Many of the comps are for Pro members (paid for) but there are ones there which are free, as are the challenges. Comps and challenges are themed, with a great variety of subjects. Memberships appears to be American majority…reflected in subject matter in the photos (lots of bald eagles and flags!!.)  Some great photography on there though and the themes offer great food for thought and inspiration. Have a look and see what you think…



    Ian McNab

    The emphasis on competitions is unusual, isn’t it? I had a quick look at the entries in the current BW competition. The uniformity of subject matter, style and treatment is striking. And similar uniformities are evident in the colour work, too.

    It’s interesting to notice the universal similarities of this sort of digital photography – take a look at (a sharing and sales site enormously popular with professional and serious amateur photographers of a particular kind), and you may see what I mean. (An example is the degree of colour saturation that now seems de rigueur in landscape photographs.)

    Have you entered any of the competitions, Pete?






    Despite the over-saturated offerings (especially with landscapes) and repetitive subjects there is some interesting stuff which members may like to emulate. Thanks for mentioning it Peter, I’ll pass that on to everyone soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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