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    Tom Seaton

    Did anyone watch the BBC 1 programme last night about Vivian Maier?

    Some of her images took your breath away. Hardly known in her lifetime her life’s work is now being

    broadcast to the world but heavily controlled by people who seem to be more interested in the money they

    can make. An extraordinary woman. A superb street photographer. Tom

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    meg cumming

    Pity I missed it as I was at work. Didn’t have the foresight to record it, did anyone else record it. Perhaps it’ll be re-aired again.

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    Ian McNab

    Tom >>> Yes, Maier’s work is remarkable, isn’t it? John Maloof has the lion’s share of her archive. He has put some of it on the internet, here.

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    Thanks Ian.

    I did record it.

    She never even saw those pictures printed at the high standard we can enjoy them now either. A very sad story really but at least they were not lost to photography as they may have been. Pity the vultures get their cut when she had nothing.

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    D. Williams

    It was a brilliant program Tom.  Love her work.  The fact that she took most images in one shot and in some decidedly dodgy areas of unsavoury characters, makes her story and success rate all the more remarkable.  Street photography especially as close up as she went is really, really hard.  Such a shame she was not recognised while alive.

    BBC iplayer program link:…_Summer_2013_Vivian_Maier_Who_Took_Nannys_Pictures/

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    meg cumming

    Re the recent airing and finding of Vivian Maiers work, I noted in this weeks I paper that the Documentary style film of her life and work is due out at the end of this month.The film runs for approx 84 mins and should be worthwhile viewing. We’ll have to look for the cinemas that will be viewing her work as far as I know its on selected cinemas only. I’ll post updates later.

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    THERE is a nice little trailer on YOUTUBE—–FINDING VIVIAN MAIER—QUITE A FEW PHOTO”S–superb as everyone says.

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