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    Pete Robinson

    Ian has recently left flickr in favour of 500px. I remember him saying something about flickr changing their rules on the way they can use uploaded photographs. Can someone give me more information about this please?


    meg cumming

    As far as I know, but don’t quote me on this, is that flickr has redesigned its layout making it slightly harder to get your head around. Also I think because of their free offer of 1 terrabite of storage space they seem to be gearing more towards the mobile phone camera user.Therefore the implication being that quality of images will go down as a result.

    As to Ian going to 500px,this may be a personal choice.


    Ian McNab

    I’ve read that Yahoo/Flickr plans to use ‘its’ database of images in a variety of ways.  One example would be when a mobile phone user gets a weather forecast for their location: the background may include a picture of their location and a picture of the weather in the forecast, using photos from the Flickr data store.  They are investigating similar use of pictures for illustrative purposes.  I’m not sure whether they plan to charge other companies for use of the database.

    (I haven’t checked the terms and conditions, but I’d guess that by signing up for an account you giving Flickr and Yahoo at the very least the right to display any image you store with them on their websites and to use them in their internet presentations.)

    Flickr will be integrated into iOS 7, the next release of Apple’s mobile operating system – used on iPhone and iPad. There’s also an Android application for Flickr that you can install on phones with that operating system – Samsung, HTC, etc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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