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    Wondered what you thought about this one. I like the way the water jets look like people. Yes, I would get rid of the sign.



    It certainly does have something—I would do a real big crop-yes worth exploring its got something.


    Ian McNab

    I think it’s good.

    Yes, I’d lose the sign. And is there leeway to brighten the water without losing the detail – e.g. by increasing the ‘Highlights’ a bit in LR? (May be tricky because the tonality is quite similar to the path behind and to the water surface. Do you have enough pixels to try cropping the bottom to just above the edge of the path so the ‘lake’ doesn’t show?)

    I like the way the long focal length flattens the perspective so the people seem part of the water.


    Peter Robinson

    I agree with the above. How about trying a square crop with the heads central? I like the way you managed to frame the heads by the water and it hasn’t covered their faces.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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