1. Society Matters
2015 FIAP Nature Definition copied from e-news7.9 KiB265
A Guide to joining CPS Flickr269.3 KiB264
Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy 201085.8 KiB192
Constitution 2016612.5 KiB187
CPS Competition Rules 2017-182.4 MiB44
CPS Flyer100.0 KiB4
Crewe Photographic Society A5 Flyer Pdf185.2 KiB249
GB Cup For Prints 201518.2 KiB255
How To Enter PDI Competitions 2016199.2 KiB169
L&CPU Annual Individuals Competition Rules 2017482.7 KiB58
LCPU AV Diary 2017-18117.3 KiB12
LCPU Big Day 2017451.1 KiB20
LCPU Revised Novice Cup Rules 2017180.3 KiB17
PAGB Masters of Print Rules 2017185.1 KiB50
Programme 2017-18571.8 KiB17
Robertshaw 2017 Flyer v.2371.5 KiB27
The CPS Website and its Acceptable Use policy152.5 KiB334
2 Post-production
Capture sharpening: basic principles + Fuji x-trans files31.0 KiB438
How To Transfer Part Of One Picture Into Another15.2 KiB259
Layers & Layer Masks85.7 KiB231
Mullti-Pass Sharpening (Sep 2007)161.2 KiB409
NIK-Extra SEP2 Presets36.9 KiB83
3 Printing & Mounting
Good Prints61.1 KiB243
How To Get Into Print157.1 KiB423
Illustrated Guide to Mounting A Print - JR (Revised 2016)112.2 KiB98
Mounting A Print A Real Time Video61.4 MiB44
Simon Cotter's Guide to Mounting Prints (Sep 2009)391.0 KiB328
Tom Seaton's Guide to Mounting Prints (Updated 2016)51.9 KiB123
4 Miscellaneous
Be Careful What You Wish For 48.1 KiB978
CPS Aperture - Nov 97 - Jubilee Ed.665.9 KiB192
CreweCircle725.8 KiB229
Direction to Blythe Bridge CC708.0 KiB210
Directions - Alsager CC60.7 KiB50
Directions - Nantwich CC - location map523.6 KiB268
Directions to Mid-Cheshire157.3 KiB359
Directions to Sandbach PS208.3 KiB327
Distinctions by John Royle December 2013212.6 KiB205
How visual perception affects picture taking135.6 KiB177
Location Map - MACCLESFIELD CC100.2 KiB128
Portrait poses in painting and photography - some reflections on their relationship1.0 MiB442
Resolution - DPI or PPI43.2 KiB271
RPS OU Course for Photographers396.1 KiB504
Storing Your Digital Pictures30.9 KiB203
Two Short Pieces - A Philosophy of Photography and A Year In Photography243.2 KiB195
Volunteer Registration Form New86.0 KiB45