1. Society Matters
2015 FIAP Nature Definition copied from e-news7.9 KiB264
GB Cup For Prints 201518.2 KiB255
Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy 201085.8 KiB192
CPS Flyer100.0 KiB4
LCPU AV Diary 2017-18117.3 KiB11
The CPS Website and its Acceptable Use policy152.5 KiB334
LCPU Revised Novice Cup Rules 2017180.3 KiB14
PAGB Masters of Print Rules 2017185.1 KiB50
Crewe Photographic Society A5 Flyer Pdf185.2 KiB249
How To Enter PDI Competitions 2016199.2 KiB168
A Guide to joining CPS Flickr269.3 KiB264
Robertshaw 2017 Flyer v.2371.5 KiB27
LCPU Big Day 2017451.1 KiB19
L&CPU Annual Individuals Competition Rules 2017482.7 KiB58
Programme 2017-18571.8 KiB17
Constitution 2016612.5 KiB187
CPS Competition Rules 2017-182.4 MiB43
2 Post-production
How To Transfer Part Of One Picture Into Another15.2 KiB259
Capture sharpening: basic principles + Fuji x-trans files31.0 KiB436
NIK-Extra SEP2 Presets36.9 KiB83
Layers & Layer Masks85.7 KiB231
Mullti-Pass Sharpening (Sep 2007)161.2 KiB408
3 Printing & Mounting
Tom Seaton's Guide to Mounting Prints (Updated 2016)51.9 KiB123
Good Prints61.1 KiB243
Illustrated Guide to Mounting A Print - JR (Revised 2016)112.2 KiB98
How To Get Into Print157.1 KiB423
Simon Cotter's Guide to Mounting Prints (Sep 2009)391.0 KiB328
Mounting A Print A Real Time Video61.4 MiB43
4 Miscellaneous
Storing Your Digital Pictures30.9 KiB203
Resolution - DPI or PPI43.2 KiB271
Be Careful What You Wish For 48.1 KiB976
Directions - Alsager CC60.7 KiB50
Volunteer Registration Form New86.0 KiB45
Location Map - MACCLESFIELD CC100.2 KiB128
How visual perception affects picture taking135.6 KiB177
Directions to Mid-Cheshire157.3 KiB357
Directions to Sandbach PS208.3 KiB327
Distinctions by John Royle December 2013212.6 KiB205
Two Short Pieces - A Philosophy of Photography and A Year In Photography243.2 KiB195
RPS OU Course for Photographers396.1 KiB503
Directions - Nantwich CC - location map523.6 KiB268
CPS Aperture - Nov 97 - Jubilee Ed.665.9 KiB192
Direction to Blythe Bridge CC708.0 KiB210
CreweCircle725.8 KiB227
Portrait poses in painting and photography - some reflections on their relationship1.0 MiB440