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CPS Member Spotlight: Ian Whiston DPAGB BPE4* AFIAP

June 14, 2015 in Information


In 1982 Ian joined Mid Cheshire Camera Club. He honed all the usual club photography skills to a high standard and was successful in their competitions. He became their competition secretary and was a judge with the L&CPU, but it was not until about 2007 (about the time he also became a Crewe PS) that he started to enter photos he had taken on African safaris into national and international competitions. A newspaper reporter would call it “bursting on the scene”, such was his success. He started with the BPE competitions (national) and in 2012 the FIAP competitions (international), picking up CPAGB and DPAGB along the way. He now has 124 awards and is only a few points away from BPE 5 and EFIAP. It often takes a whole career to achieve a tally like this in competitions.  All this has, of course, not escaped attention, and he is now being invited to judge national and international competitions himself. He embarks later this year on his 14th safari.

Like many club members Ian is always pleased to share his knowledge and help others and to have his experience on tap is a great asset to both of his clubs. Above Ian holds his 2015 Crewe PS awards and is surrounded by some of the shots which he used in Crewe to earn them.

Member Spotlight: Kath Hill

May 30, 2015 in Crewe PS news

Kath2webContinuing our review of the most successful club members this year we turn to Kath Hill whose “In The Thick of It” (top, right) was one of the first pictures of the season to make me say “Now, that is something!”, the atmosphere in the shot is great and the fact that there is such a melee and yet only one soldier’s face can be seen, the way the pike staff cross, the sense of distance. A very impressive photo which I knew would serve us well during the season in our inter-club competitions. The other three winners were all natural history shots and were beautifully detailed, superbly captured. Kath is going from strength to strength with her work and it will be exciting to see what she comes up with next season.

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