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PDI 2 2013 and Calumet Open Day

PLEASE GO TO THIS FORUM ENTRY FOR DETAILS OF PDI 2 2013. Entries by midnight SUNDAY. From time to time there are Open Days at Calumet stores and the next one at the MANCHESTER store is on 7th November 10-5. Calumet are Canon and Nikon Service Centres and dealers who cater for professional photographers primarily […]

New guide to inserting images in forum p...

There’s a new ‘visual guide’ to inserting images in forum posts [PDF] in the Downloads/Resources area. (You’ll find it in the ‘4 Miscellaneous’ section.) The guide shows screen shots of the simplified steps for inserting images. Members can store image files in their gallery here on the CPS site. Or you can use a storage site […]

Henri Cartier Bresson

Ian McNab’s talk tonight about the compositional secrets of the great photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson was fascinating, a revelation. He explained how the lines of construction which artists have used since the 15th century were imprinted on Henri’s mind from his childhood training as a painter. These were applied – perhaps subconsciously – by Henri when […]

This Week 25th October 2012

We have Ian McNab with a presentation on Henri Cartier-Bresson’s composition secrets. As I said last week, something I am certainly looking forward to. Composition could be defined as a pleasing arrangement of subjects in your picture and since HCB’s work is perhaps the most universally admired we must be able to learn a lot […]

First Print League Competition

We had a great selection of prints tonight and the quality can easily be seen in the mark range of 20-15. In most clubs we would have marks down to 12! As I said at the conclusion some of the prints scoring lower marks could easily be put right and re-entered in the annual with […]

Inserting images into forum posts

We now have a short illustrated guide to inserting images in forum posts. You’ll find it in the Resources section of Downloads (under 4 Miscellaneous). [This document has now been deleted as it has been superceded – see blue text below]. [Update 18/10/12: We have a technical issue that’s preventing members from inserting images in […]

This Week

On Thursday it is, of course,  our first PRINT LEAGUE COMPETITION and we have a good entry with about 20 in each of the three sections; Colour General, Colour Nature and Mono. I have just had the first entry for the next PDI COMPETITION. The hand-in is not until 1st November, so don’t panic! But […]

Another Medal for Ian Whiston!

Yesterday the PDIs selected by the L&CPU for the national PAGB Inter-Federation Competition were judged along with entries from the other 14 Federations. The L&CPU took first place overall but the great news for us is that Ian gained a SILVER MEDAL for his Yellow-Billed Oxpecker image. This image recently gained a Bronze in the […]

Crewe PS Welcomes Junior Members

Last night (11th October 2012) CPS members did something important in voting unanimously to make membership for “Juniors”  (those lucky enough to be under 18) practically free. We sincerely hope that this makes our (presently 3) younger members feel especially valued and welcome to our society. We all know that it is likely that you […]

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