This Week 25th October 2012

We have Ian McNab with a presentation on Henri Cartier-Bresson’s composition secrets. As I said last week, something I am certainly looking forward to. Composition could be defined as a pleasing arrangement of subjects in your picture and since HCB’s work is perhaps the most universally admired we must be able to learn a lot from considering his approach to composition. A key lecture surely.

The following week we have our inter-club competition with Alsager and an Open Evening at Crewe aimed mainly at the people new to the society. I have a plan in mind – but if there is anything you don’t want us to miss out – let me know by email or a post on the Forum.

I’ve just left off preparing the PDIs for the competition with Alsager to write this and I will post the complete list of them soon. I have used mainly images from the last PDI competition and I started out with the intention of having 15 different authors, what a tribute it is to the quality of members work that I can even consider that! The rules allow 4 per author!

Finally I am amazed how calm I managed to be this week when my hard drive on my desktop gave up. Faced with a bill of £250 to have the data recovered  I decided to suffer the loss of a few recent things I hadn’t backed up. Suddenly everyone I am telling this to is furiously backing up their stuff, but you need a routine for this and I’m trying some free software from Windows to make it easy to do. I’ll let you know how I get on. Much worse is the task of getting back to being fully operational and it’s been nearly two days so far!

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