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North Cheshire PS Challenges 2013

Our entry for the Print Competition on  13th February and the PDI KO on 14th February are now safely with NCPS. They have a special website for the Challenges, which used to be called the Inter-Club Competitions. The address is Our entry is [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=102 linktext=’NCPS Challenges Entry 2013′ /]. There is no meeting at Crewe on 14th […]

CPS Website and Acceptable Use policy

A document setting out the CPS Website and Acceptable Use Policy has been approved by the CPS Committee.  The document is listed in the ‘Society Matters’ section of the Resources page;  or you can download the PDF file by clicking here. Members should read the document carefully.  If you create, and continue to use, an […]

Final PDI League Competition 24/1/13

Last night’s competition was the final PDI League of the season so I have now drawn up the League Table. General, Special Topic and Nature are all considered as one and the top 5 scores from each member make the league total. Ken Dickenson leads the field with 97, then Bob Brown and myself second, […]

Photo Training

Photography has two aspects; technical and artistic. It is really in the latter that club membership comes into its own and I don’t have to tell you about the many ways it helps you in gaining inspiration, ideas and testing the reception of your work. The technical aspects of photography can seem daunting but you […]

Monochrome Folio 17th January 2013

We viewed the Monochrome Folio Q 2012 tonight and simultaneously viewed the projected digital images supplied. It offered a lot to comment about. We were impressed that one of the few images to which very few manipulations had been applied had been awarded 15 – full marks – and a beautiful image it was too. […]

Crewe/Mid-Cheshire/Whitchurch Inter-Club...

Tonight at Whitchurch the marking was very close 16-19 in the prints and 17-20 in the PDIs. The final scores were, of course, close too with only 11 marks separating first from last. The quality of the work was excellent and it was good to visit our friends from “over the border” and see what […]

The Week: 10th January 2013

Margaret & John Sixsmith gave us a great presentation last night. I do urge the younger members especially to go for the distinctions they were talking about (FIAP, PSA and BPE) if you are interested in competitions. In any event the Sixsmith’s pictures were great and the background stories of how each one had been […]

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