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News: Projector, PDI Slideshows, 5 Towns

Andrew Charlesworth used the X-Rite on the club’s projector last night and I was surprised how it lowered the output and with it any possible criticism of the image being over-bright. Mono workers in particular will be pleased with the tonal rendition. We’ll see what you all think on the first evening back. Many thanks […]

L&CPU Annual Individuals’ Competition 20

UPDATE! The PDI Results have just come through but the bad news is that they didn’t manage to get through all sections! Mono remains. However GOOD NEWS Ian Whiston gained equal first place with Adrian Lines in the Nature with four straight 13s; a remarkable achievement. Congratulations Ian!!! We will not know which images are […]

The New Programme

The new programme is now posted. We still have the judges to add and the hand-in dates to set but at least everyone can see what is in store. Tomorrow is the judging day for the L&CPU Annual Individuals’ Competition. The results should be available fairly soon – I will keep you up-to-date.

5 Towns

A much improved Alsager CC won the Alan Challinor Trophy last night in a field which was richly stocked with quality images. The judge, Diana Magor, gave a surprisingly wide range of marks so it was remarkable that, in the end, Crewe, Nantwich and Whitchurch were very close to each other. Alsager CC however were […]

Celebrating the Season

Our season ended last night; we have only the “Five Towns” Monochrome Print Competition, hosted by Nantwich CC, on Tuesday 7th May left on the calendar. The event starts at 7.30 at Nantwich CC’s new venue at Richmond Park. There is a map and plan that they provided here Hope to see many of you there. […]

Monthly Theme Challenge – May 2013

Theme for May 2013 The topic for May is “Playing with perspective“. Pictures can display perspective in all sorts of ways – dramatic, disorienting, funny, surreal. So keep a look out for ideas you can use for you photos in this month’s theme; and get creative by thinking of some ideas of your own on perspective […]

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