Photo News and Approaches to Photography

Issue 10 of Photography News is out and can be viewed here. Editor Will Cheung has always supported club photography and this is the first national magazine which gives a strong club angle.

Of course it has the ads, unfortunately a fact of life that you cannot take on an enterprise like this without them (especially since the magazine is FREE) but Will is including a lot to interest the club photographer with features about judges and selectors, leading club photographers and so on. Well done Will!

This week I went to a contemporary photography group meeting. They base their work on a theme or idea rather than one polished image. The results are greater freedom and, of course, much more scope for exploring an idea. Personally I found the freedom in this approach very exciting and its is also the kind of thing I think we all tend to do in our personal work. I feel that clubs should embrace and encourage all forms of photography and last year I challenged members to explore a theme or idea in a short collection of pictures. I didn’t call it contemporary photography. This is not AV, where the flow matters. I hope we can continue to explore this next season.

We look to encourage all types of photography – how can we have a true freedom of expression otherwise?


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