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Tony Dudley

Our speaker tonight had certainly been where the action was! He took us through his sports photography pictures through from the 80s and into the figure work he has done more recently. All evening the pictures were accompanied by a veritable torrent of information on his methods of working and the equipment he uses. Knowledge of […]

First Projections Competition of the sea...

The judge; Rob Hockney CPAGB BPE2*, had quite a task dealing with 101 projections in the two hours, but the second half was a swift one(!) and we got through. A few surprises but congratulations to Kath Hill with her atmospheric shot of the Battle of Nantwich – In the thick of it which won the […]

Nature Photography

Interest has been shown in publishing elsewhere my comments made here about nature photographs, so I have revised the notes and combined it with the FIAP rules in one document here.

The PAGB Print Championships

On Saturday (25 October) some of us will be off to enjoy the biggest print spectacle in club photography; the PAGB Inter-Club Print Championships. Up to 38 clubs (36 this year) compete; the 8 top placed in 2013 together with 2 from each of the 15 Federations. As the prints are displayed on the stand […]

A Glimpse of the Past

Tonight Garth Tighe and Jon Allanson gave us a wonderful presentation which took us back into the history of photography through the L&CPU Archives. We saw photographs produced by a variety of techniques and Garth also demonstrated something which became the method of picture making for many years; film. Some were moved to tears of […]

First Print Competition 2014-15

Thursday 9 October saw our own first competition. It was for prints and judged by an old friend of the club, Alan Towse. Alan deserves praise for even turning up because he had to risk “leaves on the line” and the “wrong sort of snow” by coming on the train. To be fair everything went […]

What is a Nature Photograph?

This short note is to help you decide. If the primary purpose of the image is to illustrate an organism other than a human, garden plant or domestic animal, use the name of the organism as the title and put it in Nature. It also needs to be a genuine, single shot, “un-retouched” photograph. It […]

2nd in Robertshaw Trophy

At half time 8 of our 10 images had been held back for consideration for top scores, but it wasn’t enough; Holmes Chapel won by 3 marks. Someone remarked that Crewe and Leek appear on the trophy more times than anyone else but it wasn’t to be this year, Leek trailed us by 10 marks. […]

‘Prints Ancient and Modern’ – Graham Joh

Although Graham Johnston has been a welcome judge of our competitions on a number of occasions, last Thursday was the first time he had come to give us a talk; and we were treated to a delightful journey through his photographic career. His thoughtful and interesting presentation was entitled ‘Prints Ancient and Modern’, and he […]

Monthly Theme Challenge – October 2014

Theme for October 2014 If you like a challenge, and enjoy honing your skills, join in our members’ Monthly Theme activity. You’ll find guidelines to get started here. The topic for October is “Remembrance of times past” If you wish, you can treat this month’s theme literally; but you may also want to think more […]

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