‘Prints Ancient and Modern’ – Graham Johnston, ARPS, EFIAP.

Although Graham Johnston has been a welcome judge of our competitions on a number of occasions, last Thursday was the first time he had come to give us a talk; and we were treated to a delightful journey through his photographic career.

His thoughtful and interesting presentation was entitled ‘Prints Ancient and Modern’, and he showed us a wide range of award winning prints, from his first prize winning darkroom-printed monochrome photograph to his more recent digital work, with work in a range of genres, including nature, portraiture and landscape.

It is always interesting to hear the stories behind photographs, especially when the pictures are of such a high calibre, and we were very entertained by the accompanying background information, which brought the images alive. The presentation was enjoyed by all, and we benefited from Graham’s insights, drawn from his experience of entering his own work into competitions, which gave us all hope!


  1 comment for “‘Prints Ancient and Modern’ – Graham Johnston, ARPS, EFIAP.

    October 4, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    Yes -sorry I could only stay for the first half—lovely gentleman -very interesting –very good photography to enjoy. Some of the prints were small and there were problems seeing past the heads. If the display board could somehow be raised about six inches it would suffice for us at the back. I would happily pay a reasonable amount of any cost incurred to increase its height.

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