A Glimpse of the Past

LCPUArchiveTonight Garth Tighe and Jon Allanson gave us a wonderful presentation which took us back into the history of photography through the L&CPU Archives. We saw photographs produced by a variety of techniques and Garth also demonstrated something which became the method of picture making for many years; film. Some were moved to tears of nostalgia, whilst others gazed in wonder at something they have not had direct experience of before!

We saw some work which was touching, meaningful, beautiful; some which was a record of things past and then we also experienced that aspect of photography which has a great appeal to club photographers, the technical challenge. The work of John Nicholson in particular was remarkable for the patience and physical skill he had brought to bear in creating his multiple exposure images, but to me these were party tricks and I much preferred the classic work which I believe has not fundamentally changed and never will – because it still holds endless fascination as generations of new photographers find new subjects to depict.

Garth and Jon are doing an important job in looking after and expanding the archive and popularising it. As they visit the clubs I hope people will realise that the really great work endures and provides a record of our lives and the art of our lives. Those images still resonate with us because they tell us about our World and ourselves.

The Archive (as far as it has been digitised) can be viewed on the L&CPU website using this link http://www.lcpu.org/archive/gallery/index.php . At the moment, if you try to find it on the site the link on the site is incorrect. This will be fixed shortly, the one given here works.

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2 Responses to A Glimpse of the Past

  1. Ian McNab says:

    That photograph is so reminicent of the wonderful photographer Fan Ho’s work, isn’t it?

  2. ajroyle says:

    Yes, I recollect a similar photo, maybe by Fan Ho. I suspect it has been aided by a bit of skillful dodging and burning but would equally have down as a genuine shot. It is a delight to view some of this earlier work from the archive and to say that it makes you want to get out there and create stuff yourself is praise enough.

    It was shots like this which inspired me to take up photography in the first place.

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