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The Five Towns Monochrome Print Competit...

The Five Towns Monochrome Print Competition sounds as if it should be taking place in Stoke-on-Trent but it is, in fact, a competition between five local clubs; Crewe, Alsager, Nantwich, Sandbach and Whitchurch. We all take our monochrome seriously and this is a prestigious event, much anticipated. This year the host is Whitchurch PS and […]

Crewe PS and Local History

For several years now Crewe PS has been present at the committee meetings of Crewe & District Local History Society, an umbrella organisation which co-ordinates the activities of the local family history, Crewe history and railway history societies. We have helped them with a number of projects, some featured in the composite above. On Sunday […]

Run or Dye Event

One of the advantages of being a member of Crewe Photographic Society is that members share useful information and events. So when Ken mentioned that there was a ‘Run or Dye’ event coming up at Chomondeley Castle, I added it to the Forum’s ‘Event’s thread so everyone would see it. I soon discovered that it […]

Crewe PS and Local History

Photography has been an important way of recording history for nearly 200 years. Our MP, Edwards Timpson, reminded us that we were recording history when he viewed an exhibition of ours and it was no surprise to soon find ourselves helping the local history societies. We join their Crewe & District Local History Association committee […]


Technically, perhaps the most trying issue with digital photography is achieving adequate sharpness in our pictures. This item is not a review of this big subject but a note about somethings you may wish to explore for yourselves. Firstly, something for all cameras. I have Michael Frye’s book on using Lightroom in Landscape photography and […]

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