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Beautiful Bokeh

Bob’s picture illustrates very well how a blurred background can help to make your subject “stand out”; it is a favourite technique of nature and portrait photographers especially. A lens which produces a lovely even background blurring is said to have “good bokeh” (we didn’t have a word for it, so borrowed from the Japanese). […]

Ray Hill

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: This week with our lead item we are returning to celebrating last season’s successes. Here we see Ray Hill with some of the nature prints which won him the nature print league trophy last season. Ray’s skills are not confined to nature photos, in his many travels he turns his lens to landscapes […]

Martin’s Mole (!)

I was taking a walk early one sunny morning when I came across a recently deceased mole on the path before me. As it was in perfect condition the temptation of a photo opportunity became irresistible and I was soon on my knees arranging the subject. With due reverence I placed it as if emerging […]

Panoramas in Lightroom

Lightroom CC will now merge photos into a panorama or HDR image. Recently I had occasion to use this feature and was very impressed with the results. I was using a 35mm lens (50mm equiv.) and could not get far enough away from the church I wanted to shoot. I often just choose a different […]

Our Flickr Site

Our Flickr group page was set up by our new webmaster a few weeks ago. You will find that the photographs on there are sometimes subject to more discussion than is usual on such sites. Members are trying out new ideas, new subject areas, even new equipment! If you are thinking of joining us in […]

Photographing The Stoke Marathon – Peter

Photographing a marathon can be quite challenging. Very often they are well attended and it can be difficult to find a good spot to photograph them from. Ideally you want to find different viewpoints so your photographs don’t become similar and boring. So when I photographed the Stoke marathon last month I chose to do […]

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