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September 21, 2015 in Crewe PS news

Radio Stoke reporter Max Mallen

Radio Stoke reporter Max Mallen

This week (September 14 – 18, 2015) Radio Stoke (94.6 FM, 104.1 FM, Digital and Online) are out and about in  Crewe during  their James Watt programme each afternoon. Crewe PS were featured on Monday 14 September Maxine talked to our Chairman about how to photograph autumn colours. The great thing about radio is that you can use your imagination and we certainly did that as we talked about shooting mists and autumn fruitfulness on a dull day outside Crewe Library, but the remembrance garden there is a beautiful feature and we concentrated on how we might photograph one of the flower beds.

We are always keen to point out that all you need to enjoy being a member of our club is a passion for photography, not a fancy camera. The equipment can come later if you need it to specialise but today almost everyone has a good camera – their mobile –  and Maxine talked about how she enjoys using the apps on hers to enhance the pictures. You can listen to the item here (4Mb). Maxine also posted three pictures on the BBC Stoke Facebook page, but be warned if you are of a nervous disposition that her pictures feature our Chairman!

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