Crewe PS Take A Bath – 21 Jan 2016 – Peter Robinson & John Royle


Crewe PS are pleased to support the local history societies by helping with their photography and today two of us were recording some details of Crewe Swimming Pool, known to all as the Baths, which is shortly to be supplanted by the Life Style Centre.

There was much civic pride in the Baths when they opened in 1937 and many Crewe people will have fond memories of school swimming lessons, galas, competitions, enjoying a soak in the private baths or even first meeting their future life partner there.

The baths will close in March, but there may be some open sessions to give people a last chance to view it. A poignant time it will be; with the empty pool looking forlorn, but an unmissable one too for many local people.

We may also get the chance for a more general photo session. Today we recorded the laundry with its belt driven washing machine, spinner and mangle. The drying cabinet was fascinating, with massive pull-out racks on rails, the whole contraption resembling the way that paintings are stored in gallery archives.

There is an excellent booklet by Barbara Billup about the early history of the Baths online here.

The shaft driven washing machine

The shaft driven washing machine

Not strong room doors, but the drying cabinet.

Not strong room doors, but the drying cabinet.

Many thanks to the staff at Crewe Swimming Pool who were exceptionally helpful and kind.

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  1. KEN LAST says:

    Thats really excellent and a very worth while excersise to photograph the historic baths. I t would be apprpoiate to add a photo of JOHN BELL . John was for a long time the main swimming instructor there. Most people in Crewe who learnt to swim there know and respect John. A lovely gentleman-he lives with his daughter Sue in Ashley Meadows – Haslington. John and Crewe Baths were simply entwined for many years and now retired in recent years.

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