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Kath Hill

What happens when you wear too many hats? Looks like the guy in Kath Hill’s neat street shot will soon be finding out. The selfie stick and hand gesture fit together and keep attention in on that slightly worried face, and although we get the main message straight away there is still detail there to […]

Peter Bainbridge

Although Peter Bainbridge specialises in photographing aircraft he often turns his lens on wildlife too and we sometimes see his landscapes and so on. Last season gave us one of the best talks of the season where he described his subjects beautifully and had his audience enthralled. For a competition picture, however, you need something […]

Nature Photography – Robert Brown

Patience, fieldcraft and the right equipment go a long way in getting you shots like this. Today’s cameras will take many frames per second but good timing, even anticipating the action, is still paramount. Of course nature provides us with many beautiful subjects, not all as small, lively, rare and wary as the Dartford Warbler pictured […]

Inside The Outside

Inside the Outside is a new collective formed by four photographer/artists whose work reflects their view that being in the landscape (and representing it) is to simultaneously inhabit two worlds; the one before them and the one inside them. The four have already produced a lot of deeply interesting work and working as a collective […]

Bowler Man by Peter Robinson

We are bound to feature successful photographs on our front page but at times we have the pleasure of presenting those works which perhaps didn’t fare so well in competition, yet are more than worthy of attention. Such an image is Peter Robinson’s Bowler Man, which he entered into our portraits competition at the end […]

Liverpool Library Rooftop – Morgan Griff

This work is by Morgan Griffith member of CPS and independent film maker. I think it makes a very good photograph because there is plenty of visual interest there and yet it is ordered, clean. It is not just a record of what this piece of architecture (Liverpool Library roof) looks like, the way Morgan has […]

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