The Print Annual 28 February 2019

Our judge this year was Rob Millin who holds almost every exhibition based distinction that exists, and to the highest level. He was very decisive, dealing quickly with each print; praise first, then a criticism, then a judgement.

It fitted the situation perfectly. These were prints on their second outing, and our members choices from their year’s entries.

Of course Rob didn’t see any of the other work our members have produced this year and one of my favourites is Paul Hill’s Kelly Hall Tarn, seen here. I hope that the adverse comments made about the picture by another (far less experienced) judge wasn’t the reason that Paul didn’t enter it and it was actually that he has such riches to choose from. Nevertheless it was good to see him win the Best Print for the calming Windermere Reflection, seen on the front page this week.

Ray Hill & Wallace Baxter had the other two section winners and there was much good work snapping at their heels too. An excellent season. We are proud of the super quality of our print work, something which sets club photography apart from internet snaps. There is something special about making a more tangible version of your work.

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  1. March 2, 2019 at 11:53 am

    Never agreed more with our Chairman”s wise words than these. Regretfully I am unable to attend the viewing and judging , I do appreciate seeing these quality club classical photographs on the website. To obtain photographs of this standard require photographic skill and much endeavour—10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. What is finer than seeing images of this quality superbly printed and mounted in an exhibition. Logistics will so often result in settling for PDI”s but the tactile feel of a quality print is unbeatable. Sadly its not only on the internet that have its share of snapshots. Clubs also suffer–been guilty myself–but judges should take into account those images which attain high merit through considerable skill and endeavour as opposed to the digital snapshots. Good to see this highly respected judge got it right this time—but–watch out for the PDI”s next week and do not hold your breath.

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