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I don’t use HDR as such but some of the Topaz effects are HRD-like, as is the effect of using “Shadows and Highlights” adjustments in photoshop, or even, for that matter anything where you are brightening shadows and/or darkening the highlights.

True HDR is achieved by combining several exposures of a scene so that the dark bits, medium bits and highlights all get the correct exposure and it gives a richer effect than simply working on a single image where the dark bits will be underexposed and therefore reveal noise when they are artificially brightened.

Full blown HDR can look absolutely awful. The skill comes in combining the several images and a skillful job may not look  like HDR. I am thinking of a picture by Geoff Robinson of NCPS  of the Millenium Bridge in Newcastle – a night shot. Superb job, you would never say Oh, HDR, but it was 5 images combined.

You can use a special program to help you combine the images and the longest established one is Photomatix. Nik have just released one too which has had good reviews.

One photographer who is making a speciality of all this is Captain Kimo. He did a tutorial for Topaz which you might like to watch.


I thought I would just edit this and post Medic at various stages.



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