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    Pete Robinson

    Someone recently suggested that the team who visited Wales choose 5 of their images for comparison. I’ve chosen 5 that are a bit different from what you might expect. Constructive criticism is welcome as always.

    A small stream shot against the light with a slow shutter speed created this interesting image.

    A traditional landscape that still needs tidying up. Especially the sky.

    These trees were planted in Anglesey to help prevent soil erosion

    A different view of Llandudno pier.

    Portmerion. Find No. 6


    meg cumming

    I do love your shots from postcards from Wales Pete, all shot from very differing viewpoints therefore pushing the boundaries of our usual understanding of landscapes etc.

    I think your two shots of the pier from Llandudno and the seat from Portmeirion as trying to see things from a different perspective. The Pier one is more of an abstract image , I think. Though I feel the Portmeirion one is more successful, I’m sure Ian’s themes on golden ratios etc would explain this in more technical circumstances.

    Pictorially I really like the trees as they lead the eye upward to an off centre point, rather then just a shot of looking straight up at the trees it makes for a more pleasing image. The second landscape, I know we all had problems on this day as we were shooting into such strong sunlight that highlights, especially in the sky area, unless well handled could so easily have been blown beyond rescue. So you did well to get such an image and know you will do more to rescue it.

    All in all Pete five lovely images of Wales and i must take the time to upload my 5 from Wales.


    Pete Robinson

    Many thanks for your thoughtful comments Meg. I’m sure we all got similar and very different shots as well. It’s nice to experiment and play around a bit with different angles and view points. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your and D’s photos.



    Very adventurous. One of the things I enjoy about the stuff which is posted here is that we get a broader view of people’s interests and talents than we do by seeing competition entries.


    Pete Robinson

    thanks John. this forum gives me the opportunity to experiment and see what people think. It helps to generate new ideas and further avenues to explore.

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