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    I will enter this here so as not to overide the Chairmans comments (Which I have not read)-in All About Photography. The Advertising Authority has decreed next year no images will be allowed which demeans people as such simplfied. WE being a Society proudly supporting all that is PC by banishing The Ladies Cup to history need to accept this as guidance for the images we produce. This vindicates my expressed view that photo clubs should no longer promote images which demean people or the genre they imitate in a demeaning way. I lived through the wonderful 60#S and personally would not have changed a moment. But now in the hypercritical PC world that is not the case.So we look to the club officers to give guidance now exactly what is acceptable. Hyperthetical I am sure they would approve a beautiful portrait of a mother breast feeding her baby–softly photographed with gentle lighting and with utmost discretion.However would they accept the same shown crudely with no discretion in a mocking way and the answer would be–no. So the same rules now should apply in this sad world for all genre.



    I’m surprised that you have so little regard for the probity of members. They are perfectly capable of making their own judgements and, as any club visitor would readily discover, are also kind and tolerant.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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