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    Each year I try something which is not the normal type of entry we expect in a club competition, am I being too brave this year?650

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    Judging by my results over the last few years I would say most of my work is “not the normal type of entry”.  That goes for quite a few of us I would think.

    In actual fact the idea behind this image is not so unusual. What is an unusual feature is the bright background.Top marks for trying something new Wallace, you could start a trend!



    Pete Robinson

    I like to see and attempt to creative photography like this. I like your work. It’s very different what from your normal stuff. From my experience this kind of approach doesn’t go down well with judges which I find a bit sad. They seem to prefer photographs that ticks all the boxes. Creative and experimental photography can go beyond the ‘rules’ and can suffer as a result.



    Thanks for your kind comments. I will print it out and see what it looks like, then maybe enter it in a comp later this season

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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