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    Can photo societies continue churning out prints at the present rate with disregard to the carbon footprint. In particular that most prints mounted are seen once or twice at best for two minutes then stored away forever.A detailed study would not make good reading.Making a quick check through consider these points. With no statistics I calculate that lay all mounted prints produced within LCPU, if lay on top of each other would give a pile of 65 metres high. 55 metres never seen again.Consider the carbon footprints of these points–felling the trees and all the massive process to produce the board and transportation through to retail and onto users. Similarly with the photo paper.Imaging the carbon footprint of producing the colour print chemicals–then a very high energy usage to make the print process.Transporting wholesale to retail to user. Then the the spray adhesive-production of the aeresol tin and adhesive with worst to come the CFC,s each time you give a squirt being released.But it does not stop there.Transport the prints to judges ,then the hot air released by the judges. Is really all of this justified when images can be simply projected and in turn protect the ozone layer. This is an area where clubs could make a contribution for the envirement and just have prints for exhibitions. It does not need much stretch of imagination for non card re-usable mounts to be made by industry which could be elegeant and last a life time. See if I can get this to have legs.One thought–If print in LCPU clubs stack 50 metres–each year—how high all clubs across the country.


    Pete Robinson

    That raises some interesting points for me. Less and less people are printing and entering print competitions. Will the day come when we no longer have print competitions? I think it’s going that way, but is a long way off yet.

    All of us who make prints will have a big pile of old prints that rarely get seen again. It’ seems a shame and a bit of a waste not to mention the space they take up and like you say the resources used in producing them. I remember speaking to our great portrait photographer, Howard Edwards, many years ago who told me he’d amassed boxes and boxes of mounted prints that he was now disposing off. I also remember Ron Smith giving us a talk on mounting prints and saying many will only be used once so he recommended us to use a reusable double sided tape to mount our photographs. Then they can be pealed off and remounted. The tape is Gripping Stuff’s poster tape. Reusing mounting board will help prevent wastage and space.




    Very good idea Peter–a step in the right direction.

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