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    Pete Robinson

    As most of us know fellow member, Ron Smith is a resident of the Belong care home in Brookhouse Drive, Crewe. Although he’s bedridden and blind his mind is very active and at the age of 98 he can still tell a good tale. On a resent visit to see him he asked me to wish his old friends at Crewe Photographic Society a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I still like to keep uptodate with the society’s activities and on goings.

    Ron was an active club member and well know for his infinite jokes. He asked me to pass this one on to his friends at the club.

    “Three men passed away at Christmas and went to the gates of heaven. St. Peter meet them there and told them that as it was Christmas they would need a gift before they could enter. The first man felt in his pocket and pulled out as bunch of keys. He rattled them and told St.Peter that they were the bells of heaven. St.Peter let him in. The second man produced a cigarette lighter and lit it. He told St.Peter that it was like a candle to light the way so he was allowed in. The last man pulled out a pair of knickers from his pocket. What’s that exclaimed St.Peter.  The man replied “They’re Carols'”

    If anyone would like to visit Ron over Christmas he’d be very please to hear you. His room is in the Britannia suite and is open anytime.



    Thats nice Peter and Bless you Ron

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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