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    Many years ago–like 35—40 years ago in club photography , one area which was no go—Chocolate Box photo”s.. Members were more inclined to speak up and be very critical of any images which were chocolate box and required little photographic skills. Todays Judges are clearly swayed now by chocolate box photo”s and do not recognise photographic skills. Hence we see so many successful re-enactment style images which are smart photographs but require no more than a click of the camera. The skill is wholly by the model dressing up and putting on a pose. No different that photographing a Constable or Renoir as it is someone elses work and no credit to the photographer. But because they are in there selves very good photographs they win with the judges. In club photography we should be above that. If Peter does not mind me quoting his recent Chester Zoo photo of the Chimp nursing its baby holding the sackcloth over to protect. A judge is always going to mark it down in favour of a perfect pile of tigers all sat perfectly in line with not a blade of grass out of place in good chocolate box fashion. But the Chimps oozing love- protection- humility vulnerability that could never be posed is always going to be a second–as an example. Anything in chocolate box perspective is no credit to the photographer.

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