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    I am a founder member of this group which we started last year. There are now several members posting several art aspects.One interesting post was from a gentleman from Brighton. He sketched aspects of Crewe he took off GoogleEarth and very recognisable so to they are. The lovely thing about the group is it is not marred by competition competitiveness .The group is meeting this month to discuss arranging an exhibition.


    Pete Robinson

    I’ve just found the Crewe and Nantwich Art Online on Facebook and it has some interesting posts, some offering opportunities for artist and possibly photographers.

    We’ve previously discussed if we have too many competitions and we probably do. I saw some comments on Facebook a couple of weeks ago from some one looking for a photo club. Someone else suggested Nantwich, but added they seem to have many competitions which put them off joining. Of course, I recommended them to pay us a visit. There again Wigan 10 who are well known for the quality of their work only concentrate on entering competitions. While people can be too competitive and spoil it for other members, there’s no doubt that preparing work for competitions helps you improve the quality of your work. I think it’s just about getting the balance right. I don’t think competitions should dominate a club.




    You have explained it well Peter. Quite right.Wigan Ten do not have internal comps. They work together entering externals.There has to be a place for comps but club photography all round is over dominated and it does seem to encourage –in it to win it digital snap shotters. The online group is just gathering steam—there are albums for various sections—just to enjoy and the pleasure for sharing.. Are you going to join Peter.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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