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  • Pete Robinson
    December 1, 2020 at 10:22 am #23713

    The theme for November is now closed

    The theme for December is ‘Night Photography’

    Now that it’s going dark by 4:30pm it’s a great time to practice your night photography. This can also fit in with our ‘Twilight’ themed competition. Christmas lights are starting to appear all around us and these make a challenging subject to photograph. As always different camera settings can make a lot of difference. Try using a wide aperture to isolate single lights throwing the others into a creative blur. Or you could use a narrow aperture to give you a wide depth of field to get more in focus. It’s best to use a tripod as the exposures are likely to be long, but be aware that if there’s a breeze the lights may move giving motion blur. So try to shoot on a still night. If it’s been raining and the ground is wet you can get some colourful reflections to add to the atmosphere. I like to experiment with different settings. Why not try zooming during the exposure to liven the image up or try employing intentional image movement (IMC). The other thing I would strongly recommend shooting in RAW for night photography as the subject is very contrasty and RAW gives you a better chance of recovering the dark shadows and bright lights in post production.

    So get out and create some atmospheric night photos or dig through your archives and share your images with us. I looking forward to seeing them. Don’t forget to social distance and keep safe with your photography

    To make it easier just resize your photograph as you would for a PDI competition. That is size it to fit in a 1600x1200px frame them it will neatly fit into the post. You have to type in some text first or the picture will fail to upload. Then click on the BROWSE button below to search your device for the picture. You can upload up to 4 images at a time. When you’ve finished uploading and adding your text press the SUBMIT button. See the illustration below for advice.

    There‚Äôs no restriction on when the photograph was taken so search though your archives show us what you can produce. If you would like to suggest any topics for the monthly theme please let me know. Thank you to everyone who contributed to last months’ theme.