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    Pete Robinson

    The theme for November is now closed

    The theme for December is

    Still Life

    Following on from our recent popular open meeting where we enjoyed a Table Top workshop I’ve decided to make Still Life the theme for December. The workshop gave us an introduction on how technical still life photography can be. Careful planning is essential for a successful still life photograph. Although you might be keen to get started discipline yourself to construct your setup methodically. Use a tripod and cable release so you can carefully frame and use a long exposure if using continuous lighting. You may choose to us a wide aperture to focus on a detail or a narrow aperture to get as much sharp as possible. You may need to learn a new skill of focus stacking to help get everything sharp.

    Here’s a couple of links giving advice on still life photography:

    Picture Correct’s advice on Still Life Photography.

    The Digital Photo School can teach you about Still Life Photography

    Thank you everyone who contributed to last months theme.

    To upload your pictures login and open the Forum post. Please do not use the attachments button. Ensure the ‘Visual’ tab is selected and not the ‘Text’ tab. Then click on the right hand icon in the edit menu that looks like a picture of a mountain. It’s best to resize your picture before hand to have a long side of something like 680px at 72ppi, but the upload dialogue box has a resize option.

    The ‘Upload Picture’ icon will load a dialogue box. Click on the magnifying box icon to navigate to your picture on your device. Wait until the source text is displayed, then if you want to resize it enter the long side number of pixels in the first field of the dimensions field. Then click OK. It’s not as complicated as it sounds!

    There’s no restriction on when the photograph was taken so search though your archives show us what you can produce. If you would like to suggest any topics for the monthly theme please let me know. Thank you to everyone who contributed to last months’ theme.



    As Peter explains all of the excellent technical tips , leaves to say keep camera horizontal and perpendicular to the subject. Think most likely used my Samsung 300 for this. With the big amoled screen it is great to compose and using the touch screen enables me to pinpoint the area for prime focus.

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    Pete Robinson

    Thanks for starting off this month’s theme Ken. There are some interesting effects there. You can see how important balance and composition is in photographs.

    I just dug out this one from my archives. I think they need to be separated a bit more and perhaps the crop is too tight. What do you think? I kept the background simple, but does it need some texture or colour?  I really need to do more still life photography.



    An Ecumenical Still Life
    I think the following constitute ‘still life’ – not a concept I am familiar with. I am sure someone will let me know if I have got it wrong again.

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    Pete Robinson

    Thanks for posting these Ralph. Quite a variety of different subjects there.

    I’m guessing the first one was taken with window light which has given it a good even light with gentle shadows. It’s a very busy photo with lots of patterns and bright colours and I think it’s a shame the mug at the back it partially hidden.

    In the second photo I like the way you’ve focused on the flowers concentrating on their details, while leaving the background to go out of focus. I’m a bit confused by the toast though. It doesn’t seem to fit in to me.

    The photo of the scarecrows is a good fun photo that makes me smile. We should take more fun photos. They look well where they are, but could you have moved them around to try different compositions in the garden?

    I think the forth photo is my favourite with it having a simple background and concentrating on the main subject. The special effect gives it some added interest which I like, but some may not.

    The subject in the last photo is a difficult object to photograph. It’s quite complex and find the best angle and lighting would need some planning. I like the way you got it all sharp and I like the angle you’ve taken it from, but I do find the open door, or is it a mirror, at the top left a bit distracting?

    Thanks Ralph and I hope you don’t mind my comments. It would be interesting to hear what others think.



    Hi Peter. Appreciate your detailed response to the images. With the exception of the one we both liked (4), I had no control over the contents. They were taken in various churches and chapels in my home town and, although Photoshop could have been used, I felt they were best left in their natural state for the purposes of the forum. I did look long and hard at the doorway in the last one but decided it would be too complex to clone it out.
    The one with the toast is supposed to represent the sun (flowers) shining on the yields of the ground! Weird what religion does to you!!

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