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    I think a message should go out to all members with respect to the Flu virus expected this year. The advice being that anyone with or recovering from the strain, or in contact with someone with or recently recovering from Flu—-Should keep away from club meetings as it will be extremely contagious . So many members  if not ancient like me–are elderly  or getting that way and with weakened immune systems  and should not be put at risk. On my last two rare visits to the club , someone has engaged me saying how ill they were with a bad cold while snivelling all over me. My immune system now  so low and puts me at risk is the primary reason I do not attend now as much as I would like to. The virus is now rampant in Australia  and is a serious problem. This will reach here for winter months and is already mutating. Therefore the flu jab we are now having will have little effect. The forecast is it will be as bad as the 1968 Hong Kong flu when millions died from it. I remember it well—people were putting their dead out in the road to be taken away on carts———or was that the Great fire of London!!!!


    Pete Robinson

    Thanks for the warning Ken.

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