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    Some events we went to photograph many years ago are a source of fine photography and still held.Some a days travel-some worth eating/sleeping rough for a few days with a pocket full of memory card–classy images –fine photography assured. Such as—July –Google it—Bala Lake –meeting of yachting club events- The lake is amass with club yachts seen from the beach or climb down from the higher road.
    Gloucester Tall yachts–not to be confused with the Tall Ships Race which I think is in Norway this year.But great yacht scenes.
    July–Daily Mail Flower/Garden Festival at Hampton Court. Leave home 4-0am -first to park up 7-0am and head for anamazing day. Better still is the Gala Champagne Outdoor Picnic the evening prior to the official opening. The Massed Guards Bands– Celebs–Royalty a scene to behold.

    Best of all the Cowes Week in August I think–the massive beautiful sky scraper yachts in the thousands–leave the mother – in-law at home–no time to eat or sleep–down at the water for dawn and eat up some memory cards. For about 1k you can hitch a ride on a yacht and get out to sea.

    Then amazing–get front up on the Mall for 6.30am and no later. Trooping the Colour early June.We used to drive down early evening and park up 40 miles from London for some kip. Then 5-0am down to the city and get your place. Or park up at Langley near Slough and get the half hour train into the city. You have never lived till you do this and all close up but front row is essential.

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