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    At least packed ready to post tomorrow. My Panasonic  DMC FZ100, still like brand new but really with my Samsung nx 300 which bowls    me over –so the Pana Lumix is surplass  to my needs. I am giving it to  a good friend of 40 years in Yorkshire. (he has a georgeous daughter-in-law–so with luck!!!!) The alternative of letting the Lieca V-Lux go was not on for solely sentimental reasons. Sheila bought it me and we had a lovely drive to Wilkinsons in Bury for it. Like the look of that short zoom advertised in Toms freebie  for the Samsung–then checked the price–£1,700 for a short zoom lens–dogs could come off fillet steak bearnaise for a few weeks I suppose.!!dream on.



    I am sure your friend will get a lot of pleasure from the camera Ken. So hard to let go of old kit. I still have my first ever digital compact. A little 3mp Ricoh. Worthless to anyone else but my husband bought it for me so I could never part with it.


    Pete Robinson

    I’ve got loads of old equipment, but most of it’s junk! It’s nice to own an old classic just to appreciate the craftsmanship. I heard there’s a couple of starving dogs in Wistaston!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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