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    The club regards participation in the L&CPU competitions and other major regional ones as an essential part of what we do, nourishing the capabilities of our top workers and nurturing those just getting into competition work. We are, however, definitely not a club which regards competition as the sole function of the club. We cater for a wide range of interests in photography and if you are thinking of joining us you will be sure of a warm welcome.
    I as a member of this SOCIETY find this disturbing to say the least.A member for ten years and my work ignored on every single occasion as I have described and been ignored .NOURISHING THE TOP WORKERS—–MEANS PANDERING TO THE “FAVOURITES”—The selection for this LCPU important completion has IGNORED FAR BETTER PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES and no offence to those selected its not your fault. This is CREWE PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY—I have lived in Crewe for 27 years my adapted town. These entries are from one Nantwich person- and —the vice chairman of Mid -Cheshire PS—still trying to get my head around that. Two from Scotland- Two very recent from Suffolk -one from Sandbach and so on. This is nothing at all to do with quality of images as my work is in a class far beyond those selected. I have no doubt I am being discriminated against which is unlawful. Therefore in view of the TEN YEARS I have been offended with this total discrimination and my concerns regularly ignored I am going to now express my concerns out of this forum. I have supported this Society much more than most. I have gone very deep in my pockets to support and given friendly support to some members in their time of need–. Twice I have posted in an envelope with a stamp on–cheques totalling £500—-I am 84 and now quite disabled in my knees –not my brain.Last year I believe I won a commended certificate—was it posted on to me as I am unable to attend often. No -that would be to much to expect. When very soon after my wife passed away five years ago-from exhaustion -lack of sleep and food I had lost three and half stones. I was so weak the last time I came home from hospital I was too weak to brake on my drive and crashed through the garage door.Thats how weak I was then age 79.–A short time after CPS were desperate for over £1,000 for a new projector. I came in with a cheque to cover this -and being so weak climbing the concrete steps I fell backwards crashing onto my back and head onto the concrete floor of the underground carpark. Concussed and unable to move some wonderful very young people came to my help. They helped me up the steps to the meeting room where it was explained about my fall and I passed the cheque over. The cheque was grabbed and I was just left to get myself home.—I WAS LEFT TO DRIVE MY SELF HOME. No sit down and have a cup of tea- I was concussed–no efforts to call medical aid or take me to hospital. I was allowed to drive myself home to an empty bungalow.No medical examination-nothing.That typifies the thoughtless people who then can discriminate. So now it is my intention to take my concern out of this forum and be quite sure I do-(-while our dear Lord permits)-to remain a member of this Society and will continue to urge and see FAIRNESS- EQUALITY and NO DISCRIMINATION.

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