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    More questions than answers. Its a bit of a mystery. One particular point stands out for me on the new league tables in respect of the PDI”s. Across the season only 16 members participated. So not only a diminishing membership but also a much diminished participation in the easy to enter PDI section. Quite understandable that members do not see the need to enter prints. Yet it does not suggest in anyway that peoples interest in photography has waned as clearly it has not. World wide people are submitting their superb images from Flicker to many high class competitions and entered by the droves. Before digital with all the hassle  and high level of skill required  in the darkroom we could not wait for the dark nights so as to black out the kitchen. Wind up the enlarger, experience the sheer joy of opening a new pristine pack of paper, mix our favourite chemicals , control the temperatures and work in the dark to produce our prints. Then battle with her in the lounge to keep watching tele while you knock out another print. That was before they all had to be mounted. We were driven . Now all so easy yet so few wish to even enter the so simple process of submitting a pdi. We have committee members that  while eager to disband the ladies cup–yet do not enter them selves. Surely entering photo club competitions is the soul of a photo club.  Really sorry I have logistics not only preventing me from getting to exotic places to take photo”s, but also from attending meetings as much as I would like to. Would I be surprised turning up one evening to see members knitting –I will have to come see.


    Pete Robinson

    I think there is a general downward trend in photographic club membership so the number of people entering will also decrease. I think our competitions are quite well supported. Many members just enjoy coming to meetings view the proceedings and socialise with fellow members.  Let me know next time you plan to come to a meeting and I’ll hide my knitting needles.

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