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    Sad –so sad to see club amateur photography lose its way. On the basis a photo posted is fair game for comment.Today we have a photo highly marked by a judge who clearly does not know his subject and how often we see that.If we entered a very bedragled flower for example-those judges who could recognise a flower —would not mark high a bad speciman of a flower. Take this photo which is an insult and offensive as a take up of a British army Warrant Officer in the military police.Any of the British services military police do–always have and always will turn themselves out pristine and to the highest standard.So as they cannot and do demand and uphold the highest standard from troops of all ranks at all times.As much as a button undone will risk being hauled over by an M.P. Also there own personal fitness -their smartness is one to behold . So this individual is such a bad representation it is insulting and totally wrong in its representation. NO collar and tie—-never been seen.Bullet pouches worn by a warrant officer –ha ha.The clealy fat gutted person posing as a very highly ranked officer of the Corp of Military Police would never happen. Crewe is a town very proud of its military history as we saw last weekend and we as Crewe Photographic Society should not demean that with false representation.There are we posting this at a time of Rememberance.It begs the question.



    I’m sorry Ken, but you are completely missing the point.

    We are a photographic club not a military regalia society. The picture was chosen for having qualities which we know are valued in club photographic competitions and our choice was vindicated by it staying in until the penultimate round in a competition for all the clubs of the North West.

    The author should be heartily congratulated.

    What concerns us most is that the tone of the post might make people think that we harbour prejudice and intolerance and nothing, nothing could be further from the truth. We are highly respectful of each others work and encourage each other in the pursuit of whatever we choose to photograph, our commonality being quality of rendition. Anyone who attends our meetings will appreciate that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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