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  • Pete Robinson
    March 1, 2020 at 10:29 am #22603

    The theme for February is now closed

    The theme for March is

    The Weather

    The monthly theme for February is ‘The Weather ‘. It’s on our doorstep and is as topical as ever and one we experience every day. March is well known for being a windy month and we’ve certain had plenty of wind and rain in the past few weeks. Photographing the weather creatively requires a little thought to get away from the standard record shot. This topic gives you as much variety as types of weather we experience. In the case of wind it’s a case of photographing the effects of it’s power. You could simply photograph your washing blowing in the wind backlit and with a dramatic angle. Experiment with different shutter speeds for effect.  You can photograph rain in many different ways. Try to freeze backlit rain drops against a dark background so they stand out. Or out of focus raindrops on a window can be very effective. Then there’s always the moody storm clouds rolling in to give you a dramatic scene. We might even have some bright sunny days to tempt you to reach for your polarising filter for some highly saturated images.

    For some inspiration and examples have a look at the ‘DigitalPhotoSecrets’s website

    The way we now upload images has changed. To make it easier just resize your photograph as you would for a PDI competition. That is size it to fit in a 1600x1200px frame them it will neatly fit into the post. You have to type in some text first or the picture will fail to upload. Then click on the BROWSE button below to search your device for the picture. You can upload up to 4 images at a time. When you’ve finished uploading and adding your text press the SUBMIT button. See the illustration below for advice.

    There’s no restriction on when the photograph was taken so search though your archives show us what you can produce. If you would like to suggest any topics for the monthly theme please let me know. Thank you to everyone who contributed to last months’ theme.