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    The problem for me–resolved by Ian –is resizing to small is not carrying info over. This was a problem at 650—–but same image at 1000 and all is ok.
     ————Yes thats it—just further reduced to 650 and the titles do not appear. Will try reducing to find the optimum size.



     THATS IT–Will upload ok at 1000 but not below!!Have tried 850 but that will not upload.Please don”t leave the country Ian–and thank you for your patience.


    Ian McNab

    No worries, Ken. This looks like a solution we can live with. Try using the ‘Insert/edit image’ button, and resizing the largest side in the ‘Dimensions’ field to 640. Looking forward to hearing how this works!


    [PS for anyone who’s not sure what’s going on here: Ken and I discovered that if you resize the Samsung JPG files so that the longest side is less than 1000px, something happens to the jpg metadata or file structure during the ‘save as’ so that the site’s uploader doesn’t handle the file properly: the uploader seems only to create the two small thumbnails the site uses, but does not save the full-size JPG version. We aren’t sure why this has just started happening with Ken’s Samsung cameras, when there was no problem previously. It doesn’t happen with other makes of camera; and the error occurs regardless of the software he or I use to alter the image size; all of which suggests it’s something to do with the way Samsung does JPGs and the way our site software reads them (which may, I guess, have changed slightly during a recent ‘fix’ of our uploader).

    There’s another bit of information that makes us suspect the source is the way Samsung  creates the JPG file: after resizing in Photoshop, if you use ‘Save for Web & Devices’ instead of ‘Save As’ you get a JPG that the site uploader handles properly. I think this is because with that method of saving, Photoshop re-creates the entire JPG file, instead of just altering some of its details.

    If anyone understands the ins and outs of the JPG file structure and can shed any further light on this issue, we’d be most interested!]



    A very big thanks to Ian for his expertise and patience. Now moving on–my passion for tele-lenses.Never ever before have I purchased camera equipment for cosmetic reasons. As explained in the aforementioned , I am so pleased with the 500mm tele lens. Found last night it comes in “white” and thought how good that would look on my white Samsung NX 300. LOL—Its coming tomorrow and will have two 500mm lenses -one black for the Canon and one white for the Samsung. This brings me to the 500mm Mirror lens I bought this last summer–new. Have a look below at Equipment for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    What a super way to finish the year off, receiving my new white lens. This from the prime company is class–feels it and looks it.Will post some trials soon.Ordered yesterday–came today.



    Unable due to the inclement weather to test my latest 500mm lens outside in brilliant sunshine. This dull grey morning took a few shots through the open window-desperate it is!! This one is getting on quarter of a mile away–just noticed have got two birds in the shot which could not be seen with the naked eye. One is a pigeon –top left corner. BTW Ian–look at this–700px and from Samsung!!!.———BBTW—Should you think its not too sharp!!!!!!!!quite right— the exposure was 60th.sec on checking the exif. Lets see when I can take at 500th sec.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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