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    I stumbled across the Nikon P900  looking at details of the Nikon 3000mm   camera due here soon. The P900 had passed me by last year when buying the Panasonic 400mm. Further examination shows the Nikon P900 with 2000mm (35mm equiv.)  lens  is exactly the same spec. as the 3000mm . I have never studied so many reports and reviews   as that for the P900. Very much acclaimed, but frequent mention of lack of sharpness when fully extended—slow focus—noise above 100 ISO due to the small sensor. So fully prepared for the inherent  problems  it was time for a treat anyway. Swayed by the though–Nikon are not going to turn out rubbish —also with the knowledge Nikon scientists being well known for  going in great depth on sensors I  had a good feel for this. I am not disappointed and in fact delighted. The lens is very sharp all the way—working on 400ISO there is no noise   and the focus is rapid. Nikon quality and does them proud.Have posted full size images on Flicker  and 700mp on here which may suffer  due to the smaller size   –to compare an image taken at 2000mm with a 50mm   taken from the same point–all hand held–note that–hand held.  




    Pete Robinson

    The flickr photos clearly show what a versatile and sharp lens this is. Food for thought.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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