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    March 22, 2019 at 4:45 pm #18544

    ALWAYS AN EXCELLENT VENUE—Way back in the 70s always excellent high class photography well presented. Thanks for displaying the images n the home page my only chance to see.It does tell me we still have a serious selection problem.90% really lovely images. But only two a really high class images . I raise the point for constructive consideration—–Do the selectors all attend the competitions and see first hand the opposition ie—the top ten. We know our Chairman attends almost all–and say with the greatest respect–of all his superb photography over the last ten years– often memorable often— The one selected from his superb port folio leaves me baffled.Images in the old slide days 40 years ago-not as skillful–but class subject matter–really with respect–but a dog with a ball and a chimp sat wistfully –really. Two worthy–Stephen Coyne and Ian Wiston–these should serve as a bench mark.

    • Pete Robinson
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      March 26, 2019 at 7:52 pm #18549

      Our experienced external competition selectors are long serving members of the society and many years experience of viewing competition entries to an international standard.  They have volunteered to do a difficult job and spend a lot of time trouble shifting through many images to achieve their selection. Many of the selected images have done consistently well in previous competitions. CPS is relatively a small club and in some external competitions we compete against much larger clubs with greater resources. Looking through this season’s external competitions shows we have done well against some of the larger clubs. I think the selection committee should be supported and commended by fellow members.

      Please remember that our Acceptable Usage Policy states:

      “Messages posted by members on forums or on the private messaging system should always be respectful and polite. This will ensure a friendly and welcoming atmosphere on the forums, which will encourage members old and new to participate comfortably. Posting messages on the CPS forums is therefore generally a matter of common sense, based on the aims of the Society and an awareness of the potentially very wide public readership, so that members may reasonably expect all posts to be relevant, courteous and appropriate.”

      By dismissing Paul Hill’s excellent image by saying it’s simply a dog with a ball is disrespectful and unhelpful. Paul’s dog is speeding through the water and he’s skillfully frozen the action sharply. That’s not an easy skill to master and he should be applauded for taking such a wonder photograph. I Think you should apologise to him.

    • Martin Smith
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      March 30, 2019 at 11:56 am #18561

      Martin Smith

      It is always refreshing to hear other members’ views, especially when they sometimes appear to be a little out of step with everybody else.

      I do not know if you are aware of who the members are that presently make up the selection committee or as I like to call them ‘The Team’.

      If not, let me introduce myself as the ‘Team’ leader who is ultimately responsible for the final external competition selection and will take the full blame when unsuccessful.

      Fortunately for me I have the support and opinions of club members, with a long and distinguished proven track record, that I appreciate and value highly.

      We like to think that we keep in tune with the changing image criteria of today.

      The images I used to win the club’s ‘Photographer of the Year’ in the 1970s, I see now how outdated and behind the times they were and so glad we have moved on.

      I am always open to the opinions and criticisms from all members whether constructive or otherwise.

      In answer to your question, on the selectors attending the NC KO, the answer is yes we did. This put us in a very good position to consider both what we had to select from and what we had to aspire to. A position, that if perhaps you had shared, you would be better prepared to pass a more meaningful opinion.

      The club can be proud of the position we achieved.

      Usually the views and scoring of visiting judges has a big influence in our selections and it is a good starting point.

      We would be more than happy to include any of your recent competition images but we have been unfortunate in not being able to find judges to award them sufficient merit.

      I have now viewed Paul’s image as just a dog with a ball and I can now see Ian’s image as just some kittens on a stick and think that Stephen should have waited till the mist cleared.

      With that view you could say that my opinion is not as reliable as the consensus of opinions which represent the views of most of the club’s members.

      I suspect that many of our members are taking good quality images of their personal interests, which give them enjoyment and satisfaction, rather than what the judges are looking for.

      If we want to do better, I think the blame and solution lies with more members, similar to yourself, and me included, to photograph what the judges require so we can compete with the larger competition obsessive clubs which then attract the top photographers.

      Let us be careful not to lessen the importance of a friendly atmosphere in our club in search of top awards and continue to support all levels of ability with encouragement and occasional humour.

    • KEN LAST
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      April 11, 2019 at 6:53 pm #18600

      Peter—Martin–I fully agree—–My view is we should enter images of stunning photography as our standard and take external cmpetitions by storm. Using work commended by club judges I believe may not be representative of the finest phtography.My reason being —-is it certain the finest brains are prepared to travel across two counties in the winter to judge. We have masters of fine photography to decide.That may be conjecture n my part. I last one awards at CPS –the highest awards in the old slide days.Winning with 40 year Old slides.Leading judges. I have produced superb infra red photos–marked mediocre.Yet one beaten into third place by rubbish–and I was surrounded by members saying I was robbed. I know we have images that should we not get higher–we would get acclaimed for fine photography. Only my opinion no one has to agree—my dog ignores me—so what. I would always show off our finest. Shallom.ken

    • Martin Smith
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      April 14, 2019 at 2:43 pm #18603

      I only wish we all could have such a positive belief in the quality of our images as you do.
      I’m sorry to hear you are still upset about your inferred image so long ago and how unreasonable derogative comments should have caused such a lasting unpleasantness.
      With many of my images I would be happy with ‘mediocre’ because it means there were still many images worse than mine. Even today there are few Judges who value UV images and just see them as a gimmick. They do work well if the subject is sympathetic for extending outside the visual range of the human eye. Now we need to mess with our ‘sensor’ instead of inserting a different film.

      I look back at the ‘The good old days!’ There are things I want to remember, things I can’t remember, things I want to forget and things I don’t have to remember because I didn’t do them. What has technology ever done for us? except perhaps land on the Moon and Mars, but that got us nowhere. Even the Romans didn’t need it.

      I do sense that you have lost or have little faith in the proficiency of Judges despite their impressive back catalogues. I just can’t see an alternative. Judges can only criticise an image on its technical and photogenic merit and after that it is a lot to do with personal preference. If we believe them to be wrong, on the technical side, then we won’t use them again. A good judge will spot the images of a novice and will give the level of criticism that is appropriate including enthusiastic words of encouragement.

      For us to agree on selection we must first shorten the distance between our expectations.
      The club does not have a large enough collection of ‘stunning photography to take external competitions by storm’ no matter who decides what to submit.
      That’s not a defeatist attitude but a reality.

      I love the way our web site, and especially the forum, is a medium that can be used to spread harmony and encouragement. It is an opportunity to promote ourselves to prospective members in a warm and welcoming format.
      We should all resist any urge for aggressive comments and assume the softer approach.