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    Pete Robinson

    The theme for October is now closed

    The theme for November is

    Autumn Colours

    For November’s Theme I’ve decided to choose a seasonal subject that is within reach of us all.  Autumn is a colourful and beautiful season and at this time of year the trees and foliage are radiant. You can capture a close up of a single leaf or the splendid view of a glowing forest.   As leaves are translucent when back lit by the sun they can look like flickering flames. Photographing them at different times of the day can change their colours. try photographing them in the warm light just before the sun goes down for some atmospheric pictures.

    I’ve found of websites giving some basic but useful advice about photographing autumn colours.

    The Digital Photo School is always worth exploring

    The PictureCorrect website has some useful advice for photographing Autumn

    Thank you everyone who contributed to last months theme.

    To upload your pictures login and open the Forum post. Please do not use the attachments button. Ensure the ‘Visual’ tab is selected and not the ‘Text’ tab. Then click on the right hand icon in the edit menu that looks like a picture of a mountain. It’s best to resize your picture before hand to have a long side of something like 680px at 72ppi, but the upload dialogue box has a resize option.

    The ‘Upload Picture’ icon will load a dialogue box. Click on the magnifying box  icon to navigate to your picture on your device. Wait until the source text is displayed, then if you want to resize it enter the long side number of pixels in the first field of the dimensions field. Then click OK. It’s not as complicated as it sounds!

    There’s no restriction on when the photograph was taken so search though your archives show us what you can produce. If you would like to suggest any topics for the monthly theme please let me know. Thank you to everyone who contributed to last months’ theme.

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    I’ll kick off with two shots I took at Stowe on 14 November 2016

    Stowe - Autumn Dell

    Two intended but only one will upload. Will try a second post.




    I think the descrition field had not cleared so it was insisting on loading the same image again – anyway her is the second image. Notice that is is an RPS one (Red Patch Somewhere). I’m sure you can all do better! (Jokes and photographs).


    Pete Robinson

    Thanks for posting these John. They show you don’t need bright sunshine to show the colours. Subdued lighting can give an atmospheric photograph. I like the top one the best as the orange tree contrasts well with the tree one behind it and the path give a good lead into the image.

    The second demonstrates just how string red can be. It dominates the photograph and attracts the eye. I think it takes attention from the rest of the scene.



    Two good points you make there Peter.


    Pete Robinson

    Here’s a couple of golden oldies, if you’ll excuse the pun, from my archives to get me started.



    Who do you recognise among the colours?????


    Pete Robinson

    We don’t seem to hear as much about the use of polarising filters as much as we used to, but they’re still very useful accessories for removing unwanted reflections. They have a characteristic  for increasing contrast and saturating colours which can give dramatic results, but not necessarily everyone’s favourite.

    Something a bit different from me that I don’t normally do. I just thought I’d try Lightroom’s ‘Soft Mist’ preset and I quite liked it. What do you think?

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