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    Ian McNab


    Barbara Hosking  © Antonio Olmos / The Observer


    Each week, the Guardian photography team publishes a collection of pictures called ‘Original Observer Photography’. The pictures are usually portraits done by an excellent set of ‘regulars’ (whom I guess are probably all freelancers, as few papers retain staff photographers these days); and the portraits are illustrations to accompany articles in the Observer magazine. The ‘regulars’ include such people as Pål Hansen, Suki Dhanda, Phil Fisk, James Oatway, Murdo Macleod and Antonio Olmos. And there are occasionally other, famous photographers.

    As I scrolled down the photographs in this week’s edition, which are, as usual, skilful, professional work of predictably high quality, I was brought up short by the startling originality of a portrait of Jodi Foster. And as I glanced to see which photographer had done the picture, I laughed, and exclaimed aloud, ‘Of course!’ The picture of Jodi Foster is by Nadav Kander – an occasional contributor to the Observer, whose work is always distinctively beyond ‘ordinary professional’.

    I hope you enjoy the pictures.

    (‘Original Obeserver Photography’ is part of Guardian Photography’s on-going series ‘The best original photographs from the Observer‘.)





    Kander always impresses, with original settings and multi-layered work which repays long contemplation.

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