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    Late last April, had I not had the forethought  to take photo evidence I would have lost an insurance claim against me. My very last drive out , as I had planned not to reinsure my car with three days left on my policy as I was handing my licence in—-sadly. Stopped at the lights top of Mill St. and my door was opened and with verbal aggression I was informed I had just smashed the guys car. With the aggressive intimidation I thought discretion is the better part of valour —and went through the system of exchanging details and report to the insurance companies.  His windscreen was smashed -his mirror smashed –and look at all this he said-pointing to all the side body smashed. Look at my car I said –not a blemish.  Less than a mile from home as well. Ten minutes later I was taking photographs at all angles of my car blemish free and e-mailed with details to my  insurance company. He thought he had a sucker–but had not reckoned with my Leica V-Lux. That saved my skin but was no where near the end of the saga. He was not going to give in and kept pressure on his insurance company. The inspection report stated there was no contact or collision between the two vehicles.  My insurance company were so supportive and kept me updated I would readily recommend them but must not advertise here. (What”s that big Merseyside city–think they have a football team)  . Only last week, 18 months on did they phone me to confirm the other side have given up. Having the photographs was always my Ace card and proved for me the value of photographic evidence. 



    I remember you mentioning the incident Ken. Pleased it has been resolved at last.



    Thank you John.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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