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    October 30, 2019 at 7:41 pm #20403

    This is only “MY OPINION” and no one needs to heed that or agree with me. It was seeing a photographic exhibition for the very first time in 1958 all monochrome 20×16″s that left me besotted with this wonderful interest of ours–and I was hooked. So and only in my opinion I think that counts for something when considering the merit of photographs which merit entry into the best of club competitions. During my time I have the very close experience of the best of L.C.P.U. the likes of the great Ben Garth F.R.P.S. and Anne Jackson F.R.P.S. As I have frequently expressed my opinion of our success rate and the images selected, I still have no reason to change my mind. Leek P.C. it is said have a large membership , yes it does , it has 50. But within L.C.P.U. THE superb Wigan Ten–had how many?? Ian Whiston would be a very successful club with just one member–his self. The answer to success is there to be seen. Ians”s images are there to be seen- and there is the answer to winning competitions–High class quality photography. Now look at the website of LEEK P.C. and view a selection of the members images– they would blow anyone away. Superb photography. Another very important point which I believe is pertinent to encourage excellent photography. Their internal competitions are segregated into the various classical photo groups and not lumped together in “GEN”. LEEK have OPEN—NAT- HIST—MACRO–SPORT–B/W//INFRA RED ETC and this will encourage to develop expertise in the various subject –add on portraits etc and a higher degree of skill would be attained.There is another aspect that may be worth closer examination. LEEK are in a Midlands federation. I have no idea, but could it be the midlands judges would encourage a higher standard by giving credence only to real high class work???? As I have said “Only my opinion”.

    • Pete Robinson
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      November 1, 2019 at 11:30 am #20419

      I’ve had a look at Leek’s and Macclesfield’s websites and it’s clear that they both have some outstanding photographers producing exceptional photographs. Like you say it’s the quality of the members not the whole number that make their clubs so competitive. However, if they have a high percentage of experienced and dedicate members they should have more success as a club.