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  • Pete Robinson
    July 16, 2019 at 1:14 pm #19078

    Just to give everyone an update on our oldest member, Ron Smith. I appreciate that some members may not know Ron, but might be interested in learning a bit about him. John wrote a fine tribute to him in 2014 and you can read it  here.

    Ron was 99 on 26th. June and on 27th it was his and his wife Margaret, who likes to be called Bonnie’, 77th wedding Anniversary. That’s quite something. The photo below was taken in the Belong care home in Brookhouse Drive where Ron is blind and bedridden. It shows Ron and Bonnie celebrating their anniversary with the flowers that Tom and Mary kindly sent them. Although Ron can’t see or get out of his bed his mind is still active and he can remember back to his childhood. He’s always keen to hear what’s going on in the club and how his friends there are getting on. I often have interesting conversations with him and still learn about photography from him. He’s like an oracle.

    He has visits from a neighbour, myself and a volunteer during the week but if anyone from the club would like to visit him at Belong he’s in the Britannia suite and you can go any time. He would be delighted to hear you. It has a carpark and a good bus service.


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