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    September 29, 2017 at 9:16 pm #14948

    Last night 8-0pm   BBC 2–Russia with Simon Reeves(I think)   –putting this down here so as to not override Ian”s interesting piece in Photography above. If you missed and can play back this is a must. Another episode next week same time.   5000mile Trans Siberian Express—  Perma Frost—but best of all the Tigers. We do not generally put Russia and Tigers together and last night I was on the edge of my seat. The commentator was taken by this guy who protects the environment  for the tigers. This is no trip on top of a Range Rover with a long lens this is Nature in the raw wild.  On foot they followed  the tigers footprints as big as dinner plates in the snow. The guide explained that the tiger was only 300 metres away  and Simon Reeves was visibly  —–his self—–  well  say feeling a bit scared. Explaining to him they knew this as they could hear  the crows (crowing??) calling –wanting a piece of the supper but dare not go down while the tiger is feeding. The tiger staple diet are the Black Bears.  They attach cameras to the trees on which the tigers rub against to pass on their scent.  The group went to a hut to view videos of the tigers and this is Nature photography in the raw. Tigers  the size of half a London bus. what a sight  , one fully grown tiger climbs a tree like a telegraph post and peers into a hole looking at two baby bears for a future meal. He is then  taken to a place to see perma frost and into tunnels below ground so cold their breath froze. This is a spectacle of beautiful carved iced objects and with the lighting is amazing. This little description does not do justice and worth watching. More next Thus. BBC2 8-0PM

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      October 1, 2017 at 9:02 am #14953

      Thanks Ken. It sounds like an interesting program, the kind I enjoy to watch. Unfortunately it clashes with another important event on Thursday evenings so I’ll have to record the series.